Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda
Sugar coated bread dipped in rabri with crunch of dry fruits is what makes Shahi Tukda heavenly bliss for sweet lover.

Ingredients and Method for Rabri

Ingredients for Shahi Tukda
1. 4 slices of bread(white, brown or whole wheat can be used)
2. ¾ cup of ghee for deep frying
3. 2 tsp of sugar
4. 5-6 almonds
5. 5-6 unsalted pista
6. Sheets of edible gold or silver leaf
7. Rose petals (washed properly)

• Cut the bread into your desired shape. I cutted them into triangle. You can also trim the sides of the bread. I don’t trim them as I like the crispiness they add to the shahi tukda.
• Heat oil in a pan or kadai and deep fry the bread till golden brown.
• Remove the bread on an absorbent paper. Keep aside.
• Add sugar and little water in pan to make the syrup.
• Simmer on low flame till the syrup thickens to one string consistency (ek tar ki chashni). If you are new to the cooking and not able to figure out the string just make sure that the syrup is little thick but not too thick.
• Pour the sugar syrup with a spoon on the bread slices. They can be dipped into the sugar syrup if you want it to be more sugary.
• Arrange the bread pieces into the serving dish and pour the rabri over it.
• Refrigerate for half an hour.
• Garnish with dry fruits and edible gold or silver leaf at the time of serving.

1.If you don’t like to deep fry the bread it can be shallow fry also.
2.I do not add any dry fruits to the rabri when preparing it for shahi tukda but add it as garnish before final serving.
3.As per once liking shahi tukda can be served warm or at room temperature also.

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