Rabri is a sweet that can be eaten alone or in different combinations like with bread in shahi tukda or with jalebi or gulab jamun. My memory of rabri takes me to different marriages that I attended over the years and finding the rabri counter in most of the marriages I attended and pouring a generous amount of it on jalebi or gulab jamun. My mouth is watering already.

1. 2 packets of 500ml full fat milk (1 ltr. milk)
2. 2 tsp of sugar (add as per requirement)
3. 2 green cardamoms (take out the seeds and crush them finely)
4. Few strands of kesar(saffron)
5. 5-6 almonds
6. 5-6 raisins
7. 5-6 unsalted pista
8. Rose petals (washed properly)

• Soak almonds in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Drain the water and peal of the skin and cut it into small pieces. Cut pista into small pieces as well. Keep aside.
• Add saffron to 2 tbsp of warm milk and keep it aside.
• Pour the milk into a heavy bottom pan or a kadai and bring to boil.
• Add the crushed cardamom into the boiled milk and mix.
• Add saffron mixed milk.
• On a low flame keep on simmering the milk.
• Keep on mixing the malai/cream accumulated on the top of the milk back into the milk.
• Also remove the malai/cream that sticks on the sides of the pan and mix back into the milk.
• Constantly stir the milk so that it doesn’t get burnt.
• Cook till the milk gets thicken and in between keep on stirring, mixing the malai/cream and scraping from the sides back into the milk.
• It takes almost an hour for the rabri to cook.
• Switch off the flame once the milk has thickened and reduced.
• Add sugar and stir so that it dissolves.
• Let it cool down and refrigerate for an hour.

Garnish with almonds, raisins, pista and rose petals. Sheets of edible gold or silver leaf can also be used for garnishing.







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